Frequently Asked Questions

What do your web sites cost?

The short answer: Our prices depend on so many factors, it's impossible to say. Avoid any web developer who can answer this question without a long talk.

The long answer: To get a better idea of the cost of what you want to build, give us a quick phone call. We'll ask you a few questions about the nature of the site, what sort of interactivity the site will have, your graphic design needs, etc. Then we'll be able to give you a ballpark figure. If you're still interested, we'll come to your place of business and come up with a firm quote.

If you talk to a web developer who gives you an instant quote, run away! Imagine telling someone you want a car and having them immediately giving you a price for that car. Any fair and honest car salesperson would want to know the make, model and engine type of the car you're looking to purchase, right? The same goes for web sites. Depending on the features you want for your site, the cost can be a few thousand or a few million.

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Another company says they can build a web site for us for $600. Why shouldn't we use them?

We've seen those ads on the side of the road, too. Be wary of anyone who says they'll build you a web site or sell you a car for $600. There's a possibility they will take your money and run. What's more likely is that they'll take your money and then build your site with a template. They may have a few templates to choose from, and they'll all be rather generic. They'll ask for five pages of text and they'll slap your text into one of their templates and that's it. You can't have custom graphic design, you can't have any interactivity, your site won't be optimized for search engines and it will look like a $600 site.

Remember, a consultation with Fusionmax is free and we may be able to prevent you from wasting $600.

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Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

Absolutely. Our goal is to please you. We can't do that without your input. If there are other sites with a graphic design style that you would like to emulate, we can do that. If you have a company logo that you'd like us to work around, that's no problem.

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How does the web development process work?

Call us at 404-492-9116 or complete our contact form to give us an idea of what you're looking for. After a consultation, we will present a formal proposal that thoroughly describes the site we will build, and provides an exact cost, outline and schedule. Once we're both happy with the terms of the project, we'll begin.

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Does Fusionmax provide copywriting services? Photography?

Not directly, but if your project calls for copywriting, photography, original illustration, streaming video or other creative service, just let us know. We have an extensive network of creative associates that we work with. We would be happy to make a recommendation.

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Does Fusionmax provide web hosting?

Yes, We offer hosting for $10/month which includes technical support if you ever have a problem with your server.